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To earn a Plenary Indulgence during normal conditions, the following actions must be performed. One must:

  1. Go to confession, either up to two weeks before or up to two weeks after the day one requests a Plenary Indulgence (preferably on the same day).
  2. Have the intention of sinning no more.
  3. Receive the Holy Eucharist on the day of the request.
  4. Request a Plenary Indulgence from Our Lord.
  5. Specify who the request is for; who will receive the Plenary Indulgence.
  6. Say a prayer for the special intentions of the Holy Father (the Pope).

The above conditions are considered the normal conditions. On certain days, there are additional conditions. In the case of the Shrine of Our Lady of La Leche and Her Feast day, one must also perform the conditions below in addition to the normal conditions:
A plenary indulgence is granted to the faithful who visit the Shrine and devoutly recite an Our Father and the Creed:
  • On the Solemnity of Our Lady of La Leche (October 11th);
  • Once a year, on a day chosen by the faithful (you);
  • As often as you assist in a group pilgrimage visiting the Shrine.
If you need additional information or guidance, please feel free to contact your local Catholic priest.
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