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Dear Parishioner,

Welcome to our parish and High Springs. I invite you to grow with us, pray with us and live the sacramental life of the Church as followers of Jesus Christ. 

Our members come from all over the United States. We are comprised of young and old, working and retired people who share a common love of our Lord and a spirit of friendship and compassion as the people of God. 

We have a vibrant, warm parish that has experienced tremendous growth and change since the first Mass was said in 1906 by Fr. Patrick Bresnaha in a parishioner’s home. Looking around the campus you will see the Adoration Chapel, Lilly’s Country Store, the Family Life Center, the Rectory, the Knight’s Pavilion for fish fries,  the Office with a gift shop for religious articles, the Activities building and, of course, the beautiful recently renovated Church. We work closely with Catholic Charities in High Springs. Our Catholic mission San Juan is located in Branford.  

As you learn about the many ministries and organizations within the St. Madeleine umbrella, prayerfully consider joining one of them. If any member of the Welcoming Ministry, Pastoral Team or I can be of assistance, please call (386) 454-2358 or email the office

Again, welcome to our parish family. Come and let us adore the Lord. May his love shine on You.  

In Christ’s Love, 

Reverend Sebastian K. George, CMI

Pastor, St. Madeleine Catholic Church


If you wish to become a member of our parish or to sign-up for a church ministry please download and print the PDF file below, or call the church office. We can also fax or e-mail forms.

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